Who We Are

The Davidson Leukemia Foundation has its roots as a family organization and because of that we have instilled our passion and integrity into the way we operate. The Foundation prides itself on distributing 100% of the funds collected directly towards the organization's programs.

Our History

What We Do

Guitars for Kids programâ„¢

In partnership with Rulon International, Guitars for Kids is an incredible free program that delivers wooden box guitars to hospitalized children, to bring joy and inspire healing through the power of music.

Financial Assistance Grant

We quickly realized that there is a great need for financial support to patients that are going through treatment and have their income stream interrupted. The last thing they the family needs is additional stress during this very trying period. Our Financial Assistance Grant Application is completed by the social work department of the hospital treating the patient and will cover temporary housing, transportation, medication and other ancillary expenses.

The Davidson Leukemia Foundation was established in 2014 by Jeffrey Davidson after enduring a battle with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. After spending over 100 days in hospital and undergoing an allogeneic stem cell transplant, Jeffrey knew that he was lucky to have been saved and realized that his life's mission was to help families who are going through critical illnesses.

The Foundation was created with this mission in mind and also with the support and inspiration of Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville.