Jeff Davidson with Pat Kirkland from Family Support Services and Julie Avirett the Wolfson Children's Hospital Music Therapist

Jeff Davidson with Della Molloy-Daugherty, Music Therapist at

Dell Children's Medical Center Austin

The guitars come in three shapes:

"We have received the guitars and we love them! They are so much fun and the kids are really enjoying them."

Aflac Cancer & Blood Disorders Center - Atlanta

The Davidson Leukemia Foundation, in partnership with Rulon International, is proud to serve children nationwide suffering with critical illness via the Guitars for Kids program™. Through the program, The Davidson Leukemia Foundation will distribute more than 10,000 wooden box guitars to hospitalized children in the hopes of providing a little joy in the midst of their struggle. Children will receive their very own box guitar and can personalize it to create something uniquely theirs. In a time of such strife, our hope is that the guitars will bring a smile to a child’s face and enhance their healing process through the power of music. 

"The guitars and bongos were received, the colors are perfect! On the yellow guitars they even cut the sound hole into a star shape. The patients and families will truly love them. Thank you for including our hospital in your quest for improving the lives of those impacted by Illness."

Wolfson Children's Hospital - Jacksonville

                        Slope                                                                Triangle                                                                        Box

"The guitars arrived and they look great! So many of our patients I work with tell me how much they want  to play guitar and now they'll have the opportunity to do so! Thank you again for your kind generosity. The patients at Nemours will be VERY pleased to receive their gifts."

Kent Lindsey Music Therapy Program at Nemours Children's Hospital- Jacksonville

They can be delivered unfinished for hospital or school projects to paint, just like the Slope and Box guitars above, or they can be sprayed in a basic color like the Triangle guitar.